Front-End Engineer - Luko - CDI
Fonction : Informatique - Nvlles technos - Internet
Lieu : Paris
Date de début : Non définie
Date de fin : Non définie
Rémunération : Non précisée
Description de l'offre

As Front Developer you will:

  • be in charge of building the best possible experience for our customers and our internal tools;
  • join a Luko Squad and being supported by the best experts and techies. They will teach you to develop with incredible speed and quality;
  • take part in debates about the next implementations and the different technical choices associated.

We have huge ambitions, we rely on you to help us achieve our goals by your technical, strategic knowledge and your experience on the methodologies to adopt

We are also very proud of the speed of execution in Luko. It is a key to our success to which we are very attached.

Profil du candidat

Needed skill

We use largely the Vue.js stack we love.

  • You have already work on project based on VueJS or React.
  • You have a good experience on web techno like ES6, HTML5 and CSS
  • You are a fast learner.
  • Testing your code is obvious to you, you want to achieve a “pixel perfect” work.

Bonus Skills

  • You have an interest in back end and APIs
  • You have work with few JS Lib and framework (Bootstrap, Nuxt, npm, etc..)

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